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At the beginning of 2017, the highly volatile Bitcoin was valued at just below USD1,000, however recently it has skyrocketed well into the teens at a high of over USD19,000.

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Despite, slight improvements Bitcoin price could be set for another dip thanks to Luxembourg’s Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna who announced the European Union could soon implement cryptocurrency regulations. As previously reported, Bitcoin price fell below USD9,700 thanks to fears of a regulatory crackdown in South Korea. The Luxembourgish minister hinted the European Union could follow suit to ensure bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies do not become a mean for criminals to launder money. Mr Gramegna said: “The dangers of anti-money laundering are known, there are other issues at stake. Europe will probably handle it together because, obviously, it’s something that touches upon the single European market so it has to be done at European level.”

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