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At the beginning of 2017, the highly volatile Bitcoin was valued at just below USD1,000, however recently it has skyrocketed well into the teens at a high of over USD19,000.

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Bitcoin fell to a six-week low yesterday after comments from South Korea’s finance minister renewed worries about a crackdown in one of the largest markets for digital currency trading. The Cboe and CME bitcoin futures contracts expiring later this month both dropped, with the Cboe contract falling 20% to around USD11,010 and the CME contract off nearly 20% around USD11,160. Trading in the Cboe bitcoin futures contract was briefly halted in accordance with price volatility rules.

Currently, the actual value of Bitcoin, according to Coindesk is USD10,066.25, the lowest amount it has been since 30-Nov-2017.

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Source: Coindesk