Aviation and tourism ‘largely ignored’ in the UK General Election

    CAPA – Centre for Aviation, in a report entitled: ‘Aviation and tourism in the UK General Election: largely ignored’, stated (28-Nov-2019) Air transport, along with tourism, has been universally overlooked as an election issue, prior to a general election to be held on 12-Dec-2019 in the UK. Of the two main parties:

    • No mention is made of aviation taxes and duties in the Conservative party’s aviation policy statement. As for ‘tourism’, the word appears just three times in the manifesto: twice in reference to ‘health tourism,’ (visitors travelling to the UK for medical treatment), and once in the context of improving tourism in Northern Ireland“;
    • In the air transport sector of Labour’s manifesto, it states: “Any expansion of airports must pass our tests on air quality, noise pollution, climate change obligations and countrywide benefits”. However the only reference to tourism is a passive one in the ‘Culture’ section of the manifesto, which reads, “Britain’s thriving arts, culture and creative industries drive investments and encourage tourism”.

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