Australian Government to boost economic ties with India, expansion of ASA

    Australia‘s Government released (22-Nov-2018) its response to the India Economic Strategy which provides a roadmap for future economic engagement with India. The government agreed on an initial implementation plan, with actions over the next 12 months to include:

    • Engagement with airlines to increase direct flights through the Australia-India air services agreement (ASA);
    • Creation of an MoU between Austrade and Invest India to promote bilateral investment flows;
    • Establishment of an Australia-India food partnership, opening up new opportunities for agri-tech and services companies;
    • Expansion of the Australia-India Mining Partnership at the Indian School of Mines, connecting Australian companies to India’s north eastern states.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated: “India is the world’s fastest growing major economy and offers more opportunity for Australian business over the next 20 years than any other single market”.