Australian Federation of Air Pilots opposes easing of visa 457 rules for Qantas

    Australian Federation of Air Pilots (AFAP) opposed (07-Aug-2018) the Australian Government’s agreement enabling Qantas to circumvent certain aspects of new 457 visa rules in hiring processes. As previously reported by CAPA, QantasLink is allowed to employ 76 foreign pilots and instructors for up to four years, instead of the new two year restrictions which came into effect in Mar-2018. AFAP president David Booth said: “There is not a pilot shortage in Australia, rather a bottleneck in the pilot training pipeline… It is very disappointing that the government has seen fit to reward Qantas for their poor planning with this band-aid solution”. AFAP proposed “to hold roundtable meetings with all the stakeholders to find a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the current problems being experienced by general aviation and regional airlines”. [more – original PR]