Australian domestic trips up 2% for year to Jun-2017

    Tourism Research Australia provided (20-Sep-2017) a breakdown of domestic overnight travel for the year to Jun-2017:

    • Domestic overnight holiday trips increased 2% year-on-year to 37.7 million;
    • Domestic visitor nights rose 1% to 144 million;
    • Holiday spending grew 9% to AUD31.5 billion (USD25 billion);
      • Those in aged 45 and above led growth, taking 5% more holiday trips and on average spent more on their holidays than those aged under 45 – AUD938 (USD744) per person compared to AUD758 (USD601) for younger age categories, due to their longer average length of stay (five nights compared to three nights);
    • Domestic overnight trips for visiting friends and relatives (VFR) increased 6% to 32.1 million, while spend rose 6% to AUD12.6 billion (USD10 billion);
      • Growth in VFR travel was largely due to an increase in those travelling alone, accounting for 74% of the growth in visitor numbers and 39% of the growth in spend;
    • Overnight business trips grew 8% to 19.9 million, spend for this purpose of travel increased only 2% to AUD15.6 billion (USD12.4 billion);
      • Business travellers took more short trips of 1 to 3 nights (up 13% to 14.4 million) and less longer trips of four or more nights (down 4% to 5.5 million). [more – original PR]