ATR: New lighter seats to become standard for ‘-600’ aircraft in 2018

    ATR has announced its new ‘Neo Classic’ and ‘Neo Prestige’ seats are set to become standard on ‘-600’ aircraft during 2018. ATR signed an agreement with Italian aircraft interiors producer Geven in Jun-2017 to equip the -600 series aircraft with the new passenger seats. These are intended to replace the current generation of seats in new ATR -600s delivered after 1Q2018. The new seats offer weight savings of up to 170kg, along with greater width and improved comfort. In addition, the ‘Neo Prestige’ seat can be reclined, has a larger tray table and a backrest which is two inches higher than that on the Neo Classic. The new designs also make it possible to offer two additional seats in some cabin layouts, while keeping the same operational weights. [more – original PR]