ATR, Air New Zealand to explore potential for hybrid propulsion technologies for turboprop aircraft

    Air New Zealand signed (08-Nov-2018) an agreement with ATR to pursue development of new propulsion technologies for future regional aircraft operations. The agreement will see the two investigate development of new solutions and required systems to support them, including airport and regulatory infrastructure, maintenance, ground and flight operations. Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon said with hybrid aircraft expected to enter the market in the next decade, the carrier sees “potential for these to be a viable option for our regional network”, depending on availability of hybrid and electric technologies for turboprop aircraft. Air New Zealand’s regional fleet accounts for 40% of its domestic emissions, Mr Luxon continued, arguing the technology holds “enormous opportunity” for emissions reductions and could be a “significant contributor” to the carrier’s plans for carbon neutral growth to 2020 and reducing emissions to 50% of 2005 levels by 2050.