Asia Monthly Route Recap – August 2018

In this week’s exclusive Blue Swan Daily infographic, we assess how the end of the Northern Hemisphere’s aviation summer season correlates with a mass scale global route reduction.

As we say bid farewell to summer, Aug-2018 sees 518 routes suspended globally. By region:

  • Europe/MEA saw the largest fall of 273 routes (207 International and 66 domestic) no longer operating in Aug-2018 or scheduled for the next 12 months;
  • This is followed by Asia down by 126 routes, and North America with 125;
  • The South Pacific saw a small reduction of 51 routes.

Additionally, there were no new countries connected for the first time ever in Aug-2018. However, Saudi Arabia and Thailand were reconnected for the first time since Aug-2017.  Indonesia and Spain also reconnected after a two month hiatus, with launch of Balikpapan-Melilla service for the first time.