Argentina’s recession causes Chile-Argentina passenger profile shift: SKY Airline CEO

    SKY Airline CEO Holger Paulmann commented on the ArgentinaChile market, stating that traffic has reduced continuously since Jun-2018, adding: “Two years ago, 75% of the Argentina-Chile traffic was made up of Argentinians. Today it is less than 25%” (HostelTur, 15-Jul-2019). Mr Paulmann added that the recession led SKY Airline to cancel routes to Rosario and Cordoba. He also commented on plans to launch domestic services in Argentina, stating: “At this moment it is not a priority” (HostelTur, 15-Jul-2019). Mr Paulmann added that Argentina’s Government is establishing the fundamentals for the LCC model to be profitable in the country, yet “it is not very attractive for an operator to come to Argentina when another operator is as dominant [as Aerolineas Argentinas] and is subsidised by the state”.