Argentina’s President elect indicates he plans to revert aerocomercial policy to benefit Aerolineas

    Argentina‘s President elect Alberto Fernandez commented on the aviation industry in Argentina and LCCs, stating: “It is clear that the sky is open and all can circulate… What bothers me is that some use the skies to go to tourism centres and others to connect Argentina” (iProfesional, 01-Dec-2019). He welcomed carriers to connect Argentina under his terms, saying: “If they will all connect Argentina, may they come”, however, added: “What is not possible is for companies to come to Cordoba, Bariloche, Neuquen, Calafate, Trelew and Iguazu, and leave the rest of Argentina to the poor Aerolineas Argentinas“. Mr Fernandez added that “everything is possible if we compete equally” and used the figure of speech: “If I give you the strawberry and I have to eat the hard crust of the pie, I will not do that”.