Americans and Australians are set to be the biggest spenders on travel during the forthcoming Easter holiday break

The Easter holiday break is popular with travellers across the globe, representing the first extended break of the new year. While other popular breaks are unchanged from year-to-year, Easter can vary between late March and late April every year. This year it falls around the weekend of 11/12-Apr-2020.

Keen to relax and enjoy some time off after a busy start to 2020, which as a leap year includes an extra day (29-Feb-2020), Easter will undoubtedly be a popular time to travel for a lot of people.

New research from finance and lifestyle blog,, based on the traditional holiday habits of 14 different nationalities around the world, suggests that Americans and Australians will be spending the most on flights by travelling over Easter this year –an astonishing average of EUR780 and EUR684, respectively.

The Americans and Australians share three similar popular markets, according to the research. For Americans, the top five destinations are the UK, Canada, Mexico, France and Spain. For Australians, that top five list comprises the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Spain and France.

Interestingly, the Irish are ranked at the other end of the 14 nationalities spending just EUR99 on flights for an Easter break. This could be due to the top five popular destinations being all in Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France), but also perhaps due to the dominance of LCC operations in the country. According to CAPA – Centre for Aviation analysis of OAG data for the Easter holiday week, LCCs account for 46% of capacity from the country.

Here’s the full ranking from of the 14 nationalities and their expected average spend on flights this Easter:

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