American Airlines Group to operate ‘very focused customer proposition’ in future: SVP

    American Airlines Group SVP for network planning Vasu Raja said the carrier has “no plans to close any hubs” (Seeking Alpha, 30-Apr-2020). “This is not about dismantling our customer proposition but sharpening it and refocusing it”, he noted, adding fleet simplification will allow American to be “a lot more lean and a lot more nimble, a lot more capable of being able to move fleets around markets, respond to a recovery when and if it comes, many of the things that have been difficult for us to do…over the last four or five years”. With greater flexibility from its fleet, the carrier will also look to “really put the capacity even more aggressively to where the demand is”, and Mr Raja mentioned he is confident American will be “far from” lessening capacity at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. “So we do not plan for mass scale hub closures”, he reiterated, continuing: “Our hubs are a massive asset to us as we think about a really very focused customer proposition coming out of this”.