Amadeus outlines advancements shaping online travel in Asia Pacific

    Amadeus VP online travel Asia Pacific Sebastien Gibergues, via the company’s official blog, outlined (13-Aug-2019) the following “advancements shaping the online travel landscape in Asia Pacific”:

    • Consumers are mobile first: This brings new challenges for online travel companies to create a closed loop, one stop shopping platform;
    • Competition and the quest for scale: Fragmentation of content and shrinking airline and hotel margins are adding pressure on the revenue per transaction. As a result, consolidation is increasing, large travel agencies are becoming larger and small agencies are covering niche needs for travellers;
    • Content chaos across the industry: Consumers are flooded with options, providing a huge opportunity for online travel companies but also causing content fragmentation. The challenge is to aggregate and normalise travel content from multiple sources;
    • Connectivity is coming of age: The relationship between the traveller and the brand is becoming real time and new technologies are bearing fruit with upgrades and personalised interactions to unlock new revenue streams;
    • Consulting with big data: Online travel agents have access to thousands of data points, but the challenge lies in defining, measuring and using the data in real time.

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