Almost 100 Belgian companies urge Lufthansa to keep Brussels Airlines separate from Eurowings

    Akkanto, an organisational reputation and relations consultancy based in Belgium submitted (05-Feb-2018) an open letter to Deutsche Lufthansa AG, signed by almost 100 Belgian companies, urging Brussels Airlines to remain “a strong company anchored in Brussels”. The open letter opposes integration of Brussels Airlines with Eurowings. Deutsche Lufthansa AG responded: “There is no difference in content between the demands of the Belgian economy and Eurowings’ plans to build a strong, sustainable and leading pan-European airline, together with Brussels Airlines” (Reuters, 06-Feb-2018).  General Confederation of Liberal Trade Unions of Belgium (CGSLB) warned against integrating the brand of Brussels Airlines to become Eurowings (Reuters, 06-Feb-2018). CGSLB secretary Filip Lemberechts explained: “It will not only be the brand that will change, it’s the business model… the employment, the conditions”.