Alitalia burning EUR300 million p/a during extraordinary administration period: Commissioner

    Alitalia extraordinary commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande said the airline has used up around EUR300 million p/a in the period of extraordinary administration (ANSA, 07-Jan-2020). Meanwhile, Air Dolomiti CEO Joerg Eberhart said a “profound restructuring” of Alitalia is “inevitable… Only in this way will it be able to gain the time needed” (ANSA/Reuters, 07-Jan-2020). Commenting on the carrier’s prospects for sustaining operations, he also stated a “strong partnership is more advantageous than a one-off investment”. Mr Eberhart noted Lufthansa Group is seeking a commercial partnership with Alitalia rather than acquiring a stake in the airline, adding such a partnership would increase Alitalia revenue by EUR100 million p/a in the medium term.