ALAEA: Qantas bonus ‘little more than a bribe’ to accept new enterprise agreements

    Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers’ Association (ALAEA) claimed (24-Aug-2018) Qantas tied its proposed AUD2000 (USD1467) per staff member bonus to the signature of a new enterprise agreement “beyond the one following the wage freeze announcement”. According to ALAEA, the clause means that any bonus “will not be paid for many years in some cases”, particularly for Jetstar and Eastern Australia Airlines licenced aircraft maintenance engineers, who are still negotiating their wage freeze agreements. ALAEA stated the bonus represents “little more than a bribe to accept further substandard Enterprise Agreements” and is a “declaration of war on 30,000 Qantas Group employees”. ALAEA reported Qantas unions will meet on 27-Aug-2018 with the ACTU and other unions to “develop a strategy to fight this unfair decision”. [more – original PR]