Airservices trialling new advanced satellite positioning technology, will benefit regional carriers

    Airservices Australia announced (16-Apr-2018) plans for a new trial utilising advanced satellite positioning to guide aircraft “to within a few metres”, centred around satellite based augmentation system (SBAS) technology. The trial is one of more than 25 being undertaken across multiple sectors, funded through an AUD12 million (USD9.3 million) Australian Government investment. Australia currently depends on the satellite navigation systems of other countries such as GPS, which provides less accurate positioning. Airservices CEO Jason Harfield said the new technology will greatly benefit regional carriers such as REXQantasLink and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. “This trial will test three new technologies, first generation SBAS, second generation SBAS and what’s known as Precise Point Positioning”, he clarified. Mr Harfield emphasised the technology’s potential for IFR operations. New Zealand‘s Government is also supporting the SBAS programme contributing a further AUD2 million (USD1.6 million) in addition to the AUD12 million from the Australian Government. [more – original PR]