AirAsia Group focus on recuperating Thai AirAsia following ‘sluggish’ tourism growth in 2Q2019

    AirAsia Group president Bo Lingam reported (28-Aug-2019) the following group operational results for 2Q2019:

    • Indonesia AirAsia: “Returned to profitability, demonstrating strong operational results”, including a 58% increase in passengers, a 6% increase in RASK and 16% decline in CASK;
    • Philippines AirAsia: Profit after taxation increased “more than eightfold”, following a 4ppts increase in load factor to 91%, a 22% increase in passengers carried and a 5% increase in RASK;
    • Thai AirAsia: Focus to “recuperate” following a loss in 2Q2019, as it was negatively impacted by the “sluggish growth of tourism” and the Thai baht appreciating, by recreating demand with more marketing.