Air France to launch business class service on short haul, domestic networks from 04-Feb-2020

    Air France opened (23-Jan-2020) reservations for its new business class service on its domestic network and short-haul network from French regions, launching on 04-Feb-2020. Details include:

    • The new product enables three new fare types:
      • Business Leisure: Non-refundable ticket, modifiable for EUR70;
      • Business Flex: Refundable ticket, modifiable at no extra cost;
      • Business Abonné: Refundable ticket, modifiable at no extra cost, including an option to take an earlier or later flight;
    • Ground services:
      • Dedicated check in and baggage drop-off;
      • Priority lines at security checkpoint and passport control;
      • Priority boarding;
      • Priority at transfer desks during connections;
      • Priority baggage delivery;
    • Onboard catering, including sweet and savoury snack and selection of beverages;
    • Air France Connect WiFi options onboard A318, A319, A320 and A321 equipment:
      • Complimentary ‘Message’ pass to send and receive messages onboard;
      • ‘Surf’ WiFi pass at an extra cost depending on length of flight;
      • ‘Stream’ pass for high-speed internet access at an extra cost, which includes the Message and Surf passes. [more – original PR]