Air Do releases FY2019-2023 strategy plan

    Air Do released (30-May-2019) its medium term management strategy for FY2019 to FY2023, with the aim to “change and provide excitement beyond customer expectations”. Under the plan, the carrier will aim for sustainable and stable growth by promoting initiatives centered on key strategies. Details are as follows:

    • Fleet: In the final year, the carrier will introduce new aircraft in line with the partial retirement of Boeing 767 aircraft. In addition to promoting the examination of next generation mid sized aircraft, Air Do will examine the renewal plan for existing aircraft and improve the quality of inflight products to strengthen competitiveness;
    • Route network: Effective allocation of resources to improve profitability. Consider temporary flights, charter flights including on international routes, and expansion of routes;
    • Financial forecast:
      • FY2019:
        • Operating profit: JPY1200 million (USD11 million);
        • Net profit: JPY500 million (USD4.6 million);
      • FY2020:
        • Operating profit: JPY1300 million (USD11.9 million);
        • Net profit: JPY600 million (USD5.5 million);
      • FY2023:
        • Operating profit: JPY1900 million (USD17.4 million)
        • Net profit: JPY1100 million (USD10.1 million).