Aeromexico: ‘We have all this flexibility’ with fleet planning ‘highly valuable in difficult times’

    Aeromexico CEO Andres Conesa, speaking on Aeromexico’s 3Q2018 financial results call, stated (17-Oct-2018) the carrier will finish 2018 with 131 aircraft, against previous plan of 132 aircraft. He added that Aeromexico has the “flexibility” of fleet planning for 2020 to operate a fleet as small as 120 aircraft or as large as 150 aircraft. He stated: “We have all this flexibility which is highly valuable in these difficult times”. The carrier will “take immediate action” to adjust to the current market environment, with a “rational and disciplined approach to growth”. The carrier plans to retire three Embraer 170 and two Boeing 737-700 and a further three aircraft retirement is “under consideration depending on financial performance”. In addition, the carrier is making network adjustments that means ASK growth “will remain flat in 2019 compared to 2018”.