ACI Europe warns of ‘significant costs’ for European aviation in the event of a ‘no-deal’ scenario

    ACI Europe commented on the effects of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit scenario for European airport security regimes (Sky News, 19-Sep-2018). The organisation said forcing UK originating passengers transferring at EU27/EEA and Switzerland airports to undergo security checks would entail a number of negative consequences as follows:

    • Airports would be required to purchase additional security equipment, construction of new checkpoints, recruitment and training of additional security and service staff at “significant costs” for airports, airlines and passengers;
    • Citing the example of Amsterdam Schiphol AirportACInoted the airport would require construction of a third level at its pier D facility, requiring investment of EUR100 million and resulting in significant operational deficiencies due to the need to use transfer buses for all UK originating passengers;
    • Increased time invested in security checks would lead to decreased dwelling time during transfer, resulting in negative impacts on retail and F&B revenue;
    • Additional costs borne by carriers due to the increased risk of missed connections from additional transfer services;
    • UK’s plan to not implement its ‘One Stop Security’ concept would mean only EU27/EEA/Swiss airports are affected by increased congestion and not UK airports, impacting the competitive position of hub locations outside the EU.

    The organisation concluded by reiterating calls for the EU and the UK to develop contingencies for aviation, including maintaining the One Stop Security regime with the UK as a third country in the event of a no-deal scenario.