ACCC proposes to allow Rex to continue coordination with Qantas and Virgin Australia

    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) stated (30-Jul-2020) Regional Express (Rex) will be allowed to continue to coordinate schedules with Qantas and Virgin Australia on 10 regional routes, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, under an ACCC proposed authorisation. The draft determination proposes the grant of authorisation on broadly the same terms as the interim authorisation granted in Mar-2020, with the authorisation extending until 30-Jul-2021. The coordination may involve arrangements including each carrier on a route operating once daily, with revenue shared between carriers, or an operator suspending operation on a route to allow another carrier to maintain a viable service. The proposed authorisation is conditional on airlines charging fares no higher than those in place on 01-Feb-2020. The proposed authorisation is also subject to reporting conditions which will allow the ACCC to closely monitor the proposed conduct.