AAPA: Asia Pacific travel has ‘virtually ground to a halt’

    Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA) reported (19-Mar-2020) Asia Pacific regional airlines face revenue shortfalls of more than USD60 billion, as a result of “sharp falls in demand which have already forced the grounding of over half of the fleet”. The region is “still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and the draconian travel measures put in place over the past two months” and air travel “has virtually ground to a halt as a result of the travel bans, border closures, lockdowns, quarantine and isolation orders imposed by governments”. AAPA also noted the sharp reductions in passenger services have also drastically reduced available air cargo capacity affecting critical supply chains, including getting food and medical supplies to affected communities worldwide. Asian airlines are continuing to operate dedicated freighter services but need help in streamlining operations, scheduling and crew clearances to keep critical goods moving as a lifeline.