A4ANZ: Regulatory framework for Australian airports to deliver USD12.8bn in economic benefits

    A4ANZ, in a Productivity Commission Inquiry, stated (07-Sep-2018) a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for Australia‘s airports would deliver more than AUD18 billion (USD12.8 billion) in economic benefits, including:

    • Consumer surplus of approximately AUD5.9 billion (USD4.2 billion);
    • Travel time savings valued at AUD819 million (USD582.7 million) created by connectivity improvements;
    • GDP benefits of AUD10.9 billion (USD7.8 billion) due to productivity gains through increases to trade and foreign investment;
    • Creation of 7000 jobs;
    • Tourism benefits of AUD480 million (USD341.6 million).

    A4ANZ chairman Dr Graeme Samuel argued the “current system is not sustainable”, adding: “The price monitoring regime is failing to facilitate commercial negotiations between airports and their customers”. [more – original PR]