A new bird takes flight: The Blue Swan Daily

CAPA’s new Blue Swan Daily lifts off on its proving flights today.

Full scheduled services will begin in the new year, but 23-Dec-2016 is its first day formally in the air.

With this new entrant we will aim to fly in a market that we think is under-served, offering commentary and a little news and data on aviation and on broader travel developments in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

While CAPA provides a lot of news and data in this region under its own banner, that is mostly subscription only, for CAPA Members. The daily Blue Swan will make a much wider offering, sometimes a little more tongue in cheek than its more serious parent. It’s more than an aviation publication too.

We’ll be covering the corporate travel market and gradually moving beyond aviation into the accommodation sector. We’ll try to pick up most of the important local developments as well as putting them into a global context – after all we antipodeans are among the biggest international travellers in the world.

Video will be part of our offering.

We already have CAPA TV (see http://www.centreforaviation.tv/), but we’ll be doing a lot more ANZ content for the Daily, talking locally to key movers and shakers.

Please feel free to use our material with appropriate attribution.

And do please tell us when we get it wrong (or even sometimes when we get it right). Suggestions are always welcome.

We’re really looking forward to joining you in your daily life.

Please welcome our Swan.