A look at the most engaging social media campaigns doing the rounds

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that we are living in the age of social media. We are constantly engaging with friends and families from all over the world, and as consumers now interact with businesses on a level that – prior to even a few years ago – would have seemed almost impossible.

Businesses have found social media to be a quick and easy way to get their message to a large targeted audience at almost no cost. Regardless of the medium being Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or WeChat the opportunities are endless. The travel industry is no exception to this, and we are finding more and more organisations trying to be the first to come up with new and interesting ways to engage people via social media.

Whether it be new announcements, sales or purely branding exercises, they have definitely worked out the formula for a great social media interaction. We delved into the depths of our local feeds and included our favourite most recent posts for your enjoyment, in no particular order.

Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia enlisted the help of well-known Indian actress, Parineeti Chopra, to highlight the beauty of Australia. Ms Chopra led a series of social media posts to her millions of followers including 9.41 million on twitter, 10 million on Facebook and 10.8 million on Instagram. Impressive numbers across the board.

Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways announced it has become the Naming rights sponsor of the Fijian Drua team competing in Australia’s National Rugby Competition. The team known as the Fiji Airways Drua prominently feature the airline on the front and lower back of all playing kits. Fiji Airways has ensured social media is well across the comings and goings of the team and their support.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand, the aviation king of social media, has launched its first ever global brand campaign showing international travellers why the airline is A Better Way to Fly to New Zealand. The campaign features actor Sam Neill as the voice of CGI character Pete, a kiwi who wants to see the world but is hampered by his inability to fly. Pete takes viewers along on his journey to show travellers the Air New Zealand inflight experience.


In a surprise announcement, Jetstar has partnered with Mattel as the major sponsor of the new Aussie Scrabble board game. Jetstar decided to splash this across one of its A320s and of course across social media.

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia hosted a funding raising exercise in Brisbane last week, where staff pulled a Boeing 737 across the tarmac. The exercise was designed to raise awareness on suicide prevention day. Not only was this a hit across social media but also via all major news networks.

Qantas Airways

Almost all of Qantas’ announcements these days come with a specially designed social media video, which ensures as much coverage as possible. Video content is definitely helping organisations get their message across. This short 30 second video from Qantas clearly shows the carrier’s new international routes and partnership with Emirates.