20% of KLM Cityhopper operations into the UK, but Brexit casts uncertainty: MD

    KLM Cityhopper MD Warner Rootliep stated 20% of the carrier’s network operates into the UK (HMG Aerospace, 23-Apr-2018). Mr Rootliep however stated because of Brexit, these operations are “at risk”. Mr Rootliep said “in the short-term the losses are bigger than the opportunities” for Brexit, adding: “I don’t have an immediate solution for putting a percentage of those flights somewhere else”. He noted: “Our first and immediate concern was what will happen with the traffic demand”  and added: “I think when we looked at our load factors on the UK market, they’ve not really taken a big hit – the yields have because of the weakening of the pound… I can say that is the biggest immediate impact we felt but of course it makes it more attractive for people to come to the UK. It was a bit of a balancing act but overall the profitability did take a bit of a hit in the UK”.